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In–home physiotherapy

Physiotherapy4u is an energetic team of licensed physical therapists that provide comprehensive physiotherapy assessments and treatments in the comfort and convenience of your:

Home, Office, Care Home, Hospital, Athletic Training Facility

If you or a loved one are in pain, have difficulties getting out of the house, work long hours, have young children or have no form of transport, these problems are overcome by one of our mobile physiotherapists coming to a place that suits you. For chronic sports injuries, examining static positions in the confinements of a small cubicle at a clinic does not tell the whole story. The therapists at Physiotherapy4u will come watch you run, jump, and play in your regular field and use video analysis to optimize your individualized assessment and focused treatment.


What to expect ?

  • The physiotherapist will come to your home, office or any other location that is convenient to you!
  • The therapist will need to ask you questions about your health history and current problem or injury. You can expect this to take 10 to 20 minutes.
  • As physiotherapists are health care professionals and are  required to take real-time notes for records, the therapist will be typing on a computer or tablet using our standard assessment form during your session.
  • Please have ready any doctor’s referral note, diagnostic imaging reports or your list of medications handy.
  • The therapist may need about 6 x 10 feet of space to do a thorough assessment.
  • The therapist will need to put their hands on you. It is a good idea to wear shorts or a sleeveless top to provide the best assessment and treatment possible.
  • The therapist will likely prescribe home exercises and make recommendations for making you feel better. It will be important for you to follow this advice for achieving optimal outcome.
  • The assessment session will last 1 to 1.25 hours. Treatment sessions are 50 minutes to 1 hour long.
  • Please note that the time required to conduct requested or necessary communication to doctors, family members or third parties will be included in your 1-hour session.



Why choose Physiotherapy4u?

  • Each session is one-hour of attentive one-on-one service
  • We do not charge extra for travel time to any location
  • We will correspond directly with any third parties involved (Health providers/ workers) to ensure that treatment can be provided as quickly as possible
  • Therapy is provided only by Registered and insured Physiotherapists.
  • Over 92% of Physiotherapy4u Clients would recommend us to a family member or friend.



“Physiotherapy4u provides you with undivided

focus and real results.”



Physiotherapy consulting

We have an experienced team with a variety of expertise that share a passion for providing outstanding care and services.


Our Difference:

We listen and understand your goals. We use creativity and innovation to deliver unique solutions to your problems to help empower you and your staff. We become an accountable part of your team to help execute your vision and meet your mandate. Sloan roach, a spokeswoman for the gwinnett county schools, said the 135,600-student district had not received