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In-Home Physiotherapy Can Help Heal Sports Injuries like sprains and Knee Pain

Often the confinements of a clinic space may not give an accurate picture to a therapist. Physiotherapy4u mobile therapists can meet you on the field, at the track or even on the water to assess your true movement pattern issues. If you are on crutches after injury, getting to a clinic may be a big hassle. Let us come to you!

Our Technique for Healing Sports Injuries

Physiotherapy4u works with athletes of all skill-levels who find themselves nursing a sports injury. Athletes most commonly injure their joints either from overuse or an accidental movement or impact. We frequently treat back injuries, knee pain, hip pain and shoulder and neck issues. We have a tried and true approach to working with athletes in a variety of sports disciplines including soccer, hockey, paddling and running from recreational to professional. Our proprietary process includes:

  • Pain and swelling management
  • Manual therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Progressive exercises to improve movement and strength
  • Movement pattern corrections
  • Activities to improve performance and balance
  • Mobility equipment prescription
  • Sport specific drills
  • Education on condition management to help you stay in the game